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A broken vent glass is a problem you do not want to ignore. While this glass which covers the smaller windows of your car may look insignificant, it actually plays a crucial role at keeping your vehicle properly insulated while also contributing to a better fuel economy.  

At Windshield Replacement Bend Oregon, we are experienced in vent glass repairs and replacement. We have handled a variety of issues relating to vent glasses and can easily diagnose the problem and provide the right solutions to get your vehicle back in its optimal shape quick. 

Before we recommend any replacement job, a thorough examination of the state of your vent glass will first be performed by one of our certified auto glass Bend Oregon technicians. Since this part of the vehicle is usually made of tempered glass, repairs may not be feasible since tempered glass cannot be repaired. A full replacement is usually in order. 

We also try to keep the costs minimal as best as we can at Windshield Replacement Bend Oregon. Generally, the figures will be affected by whether the vent glass closes and opens or if it is stationary. What we can assure you though is that our prices are competitive and the quality of our vent glass replacement service is second to none.