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Problems with auto glass are not just limited to the windshield. Other parts of the car that are made of glass can be susceptible to damage as well. If your rear sliders have sustained some damage or are broken, our team at Windshield Replacement Bend Oregon will be more than happy to patch it up in no time. 

There is no reason why you should put off fixing a damaged Central Oregon glass. Leaving it in such a condition will only cause the problem to worsen over time. Besides, when your rear sliders are broken, you aren’t just left to the mercy of the elements. This will also increase the security risks of your vehicle too— something that temporary fixes will just not be able to address.

When you call us to fix your rear sliders, you are not only preventing your vehicle interiors from getting damaged by the elements, you’ll also effectively keep animals and insects off of your interior cabin, ventilate your vehicle properly, as well as prevent theft of your valuables inside the vehicle. 

At Windshield Replacement Bend Oregon, we will only use manufacturer-approved materials when replacing your rear sliders. We have the expertise and experience to do exactly just that. Give us a call today for a thorough assessment from one of our certified specialists.